Group Tickets & Registration

Do you have a group of people you want to bring to one of our ticketed events, or have a group that you would like to register for competition all at once? Then you might be eligible to take advantage of our group offers.

Group Tickets

For our ticketed events (European Dance Masters and World Dance Masters) we offer discounts on groups. The system is 10+1 - so for every 10 tickets you buy you get the 11th ticket for free. Additionally, all tickets are not subject to the TicketLeap service charge, so you save additional money on each ticket there too.

The cheapest ticket is always the one that is free. Payment is by PayPal, BACS, or Cheque. Tickets are not issued until payment has been received and processed. All early bird cut-off dates still apply to group bookings and a fully completed form must be received before any cut-off date to get that pricing.

To get group tickets, download this form and email to once complete. All fields must be filled out for each individual.

Group Registration

If you are part of a team and want to register multiple people at the same team for any competitive event, you can do a group registration. The group registration is open to anyone that would like to register for 20 or more individual sections at any World Dance Masters organised event (excludes events run by outside Directors). There is no discount for registration, but the process could be simplified.

To do a group registration, download this form and email to once complete. All fields must be filled out of each individual.