• I can't find my ticket for European Dance Masters or World Dance Masters. Can I still get in?
    You will need to bring your ticket to the event so that it can be scanned. It's quite easy to retrieve your ticket by visiting the TicketLeap website. Visit wdm.ticketleap.com and click on Find Your Order at the top of the page. From here you can input the email address that you ordered your tickets with and TicketLeap will send them to you.
  • Why do competitors need to pay a competitor registration fee and entry to the event?
    All competitors must pay when they register to dance at any event. Fees vary depending on the event. The competitor registration fee helps to cover the cost of expenses such as judges, trophies, certificates, printing, etc. Everyone wishing to attend an event to dance or watch must also pay a door fee. This fee is there to support the cost of venue hire, travel expenses, and other administrative costs that are a result of running the event.
  • How do I qualify to dance at World Dance Masters Championships?
    There are different qualification rules for different divisions. Please read our rules carefully to understand our qualification criteria.
  • There's no World Dance Masters event in my country - can we run one?
    We are always looking for people to help extend the World Dance Masters brand. If you know would like to talk about running a World Dance Masters sanctioned event please email us using the Contact Us page at the top.