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Jenny Stephenson

Jenny was born and raised in Crosby and moved bed to Stoke-on-Trent aged 19 where she jointly set up her first school "Fahrenheit".

After several years she branched out on her own and set up her own studio, calling it "STUDIO 1".

Jenny is a qualified line dance judge for many organisations throughout the world. Jenny has judges as far as China, Japan, South Africa, Canada, America and throughout most of Europe.

Jenny has won many high profile awards such as Top Teacher in 2006 and has also competed all over the world, winning over 20 World Championship titles in the highest competitive divisions.

Jenny has nurtured and produced many World Champions during her years as a dance teacher. Because of Jenny's work in the community, both in bringing them on, taking them up to world champion status, all from her own personal work and dedication to reach the top of her profession she was successfully nominated to be a Torch Bearer for the London 2012 Olympic Games!

Jenny has helped choreograph for pantomimes, alongside good friend Nikki Wilkes.

Many of Jenny's dancers have gone on to lead successful dance careers and hopes she can carry on giving people the confidence to achieve their dance dreams.