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Danielle Rowe

Hi, I’m Danni and am 29 years old from Hornchurch, Essex. Currently living and working in Essex, I attended schools and was raised here, though I am originally from Maidstone, Kent and moved to Essex at the age of 2 years old. It was at this tender age that my Mum decided to take me to the local dance school, Hewitt Performing Arts, where until the age of 18, I attended weekly lessons of tap, ballet, jazz and modern dance (sometimes up to 4 times a week!!).

During my teen years, my Mum (who was also very much into dancing) had been attending Frankie Cull’s line dance classes and on numerous occasions suggested I should go and see what line dancing was like. I wasn’t convinced and put off going, thinking it wouldn’t be ‘cool!’ I can’t really remember why I ended up going in the end, but I did and was immediately hooked!! I think it was Rob Fowler’s dance, The Beast, that I learnt first, with ‘Walk The Line’, ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘A Single Moment’ becoming favourites of mine.

Shortly after attending line dance classes, I met friends there who suggested I started competing. Although around this time I was attending university and studying to become a Primary School Teacher, I tried to fit in as much training as I could to compete. In my first year of competing I won the CWDC Division 3 European Championship title and have since gone on to win other titles including numerous World Titles at World Dance Masters. Dancing with World Dance Masters enabled me to complete my judging exams, where I have had the opportunity of travelling to South Africa to judge a competition there.

Dancing with CountryVive is amazing! Although we come from all over the UK, the distance doesn’t affect our friendship or how hard we work when we are together. We have shared many memories on and off of the dance floor and to be sharing this experience with so many talented dancers is incredible! Line dancing has had a stigma attached to it for years, so I am privileged to be involved in something that I hope will feed to the nation my once perceived idea, which is also shared by millions of others, is not what line dancing is about.

Come to one of Danni's line dance classes

Every Sunday
5-16 year olds
5:30 - 6:30pm

War Memorial Hall
High Street,
Canvey Island,